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  • Shobhit Raj

The Magic of Silence


Amidst the chaos of the fast-paced world, there is a sense of everlasting peace. When the mind’s clutter reduces, it becomes a natural experience with ease.

When we have nothing to do, nowhere to be, this silence envelops the entire being. Such a blissful experience may seem elusive, but just a glimpse of it feels very freeing.

Yet, we seem deaf to this divine resonance, and feel distant with the voice of wisdom and intuition. Our minds clouded and hearts insensitive, laced with the noise of media, relationships and ambition.

Feeling caged with pressure and expectations, the voices of others remind us to keep doing something. But, when we begin to listen to our inner voice, it feels like the blossom of flowers during spring.

When we align with the essence of nature, begins the journey of magic unfolding within. We attune to the subtle aspects of life, and wake up to the expansive cosmos within.

Take a breath, pause, create space, the silence is there, it always has been. The question to ask ourselves is, Have we been listening?


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