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  • Shobhit Raj

The Importance of Action

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Philosophy must never be divorced from action. Unless it is put into practice, philosophy is nothing more than an intellectual game. — Josei Toda

Waking up to motivational ‘Good Morning’ messages resonating joy, browsing optimistic quotes about peace and love, reading books on self-help and personal growth, watching videos on happiness and positive thinking, listening to podcasts on knowledge and creativity…

We are truly blessed to be swimming in the ocean of awareness. There is no dearth of information with motivation being one click away.

When we are feeling low or experiencing conflict, these sources of information help distract the mind temporarily to feel better and realise there is hope.

There is indeed a ray of hope! But, we often find ourselves falling back to old situations with the same frustrations, reactions and expectations.

Awareness is integral on the journey of transformation — it is the catalyst. But, integration of knowledge consumed and its application in daily routine or situations is key to sustained transformation.

We may read books, study scriptures, cherish optimistic quotes, listen to motivational speakers — but, the true essence of growth lies in ACTION.

“Words may inspire, but only action creates change” — Simon Sinek

For instance, reading about waking up at 5am is a great start and fuels external motivation. But, one has to find the inner strength and actually wake up early for a few weeks until it becomes a habit.

The inner strength and clarity arrive with repeated action, consistency, and faith in the process.

We are addicted to information and consume it mindlessly at times. The brain is wired to release feel-good hormones when we consume uplifting content.

But, this can also deceive us with the illusion of “I already know”, which then signals the body to respond accordingly — with inertia, resistance, complacency.

We must definitely continue seeking knowledge, but also work towards transforming it from an intellectual (mind-centric) to experiential (action-centric) approach.

Train the body and mind to access the fountain of inner wisdom we all possess — which is beyond books, videos, articles…including this one.

Less Information + More Action = Transformation

As a collective, we are experiencing a shift internally triggered by the external situation and suffering. There is an awakening to higher frequency, but we must remain vigilant and find strength to work through this twilight phase of transition — until we experience stability, peace and harmony.

May we all be blessed with divine grace. Hari Om Tat Sat!

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