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  • Shobhit Raj

The Beauty of Life

“Isn’t life beautiful?”, the heart asked the mind. The mind replied, “Absolutely! But, I am too busy at the moment.”

Hearing this, the heart felt sad and asked the breath, “Could you please slow down a bit?” The breath, a dear friend, did not hesitate and slowed down.

As the breath got slower, the mind looked around and began to notice the details.

The mind said to the heart, “Look at that book… a temple of knowledge!” The heart smiled and acknowledged, “Indeed! But, do you hear the beautiful birds chirping outside?”

The mind, now curious, “Wow, sounds lovely! In the past, I used to enjoy being in nature. But now, I am in a race against time.” The heart felt nostalgic and said, “I remember. We can still enjoy the present moment.”

“But how? I have a lot of things to do!”, asked the mind, a bit perplexed. The heart said, “It’s simple! We listen to the breath, who is always there with us.”

The mind, now aware of the breath, “True! I tend to forget how many times the breath has helped me focus, be attuned to emotions, and keep me from wandering into the past or future.”

This beautiful harmony of the mind, heart, and breath resonated in the entire being.

The breath was soft and subtle. The heart felt expansive and light. The senses were vibrant. The mind was calm and peaceful. The body felt relaxed and still. The soul came alive.

All we have is the present moment. The past has passed and the future is not here yet. Tame the monkey mind with the breath and listen to the heart. Breathe, smile, and be grateful for the beauty of life.

Wishing you inner peace. Om Tat Sat!

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