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  • Shobhit Raj

The Beauty of Self-Love

Love... a beautiful, pure, untainted emotion which we feel in our heartspace.

We deeply long for this love with belonging, aspirations, and experiences.

A mother loves her child unconditionally, a father protects fiercely.

A sibling cares naturally, a friend supports beautifully.

While these relationships offer us love and affection, there is a sense of emptiness within.

The question arises, is love merely an external expression?

We are told to help, love, and give selflessly to others.

This helps us be humble and compassionate, but an empty cup cannot pour into another.

So, are we kind to ourselves? Do we accept our flaws? Do we celebrate our strengths? Can we forgive ourselves?

At the end of the day, can we love ourselves for who we are? Are we at peace with ourselves?

We externalize our love so much that we often forget to silence the perfectionist and critic within.

We project our love onto the world, but neglect listening to our own hearts.

If only we would see ourselves from the eyes of our family and friends,

the inner critic would realise our inherent greatness.

If only we would accept our flaws as loves ones do,

The insecure child within would blossom.

If only we would recognise our potential the way a mentor does,

the repressed creativity would flourish.

If only we would believe in and trust ourselves,

the fountain of inner wisdom would spring.

When we accept and love ourselves, we begin to accept and love other people as they are.

When we are at peace with ourselves, we begin to find peace in the world amidst the chaos.

Serve, Love, Give as that will purify our hearts.

But, it starts with ourselves as an empty cup cannot pour into another.

Fill your cup with patience, tolerance and acceptance.

Hold yourself when you cry, smile at yourself when down.

Water your garden, watch your flower blossom.

Be a source of love to others by loving yourself.

Radiate the light you want to see in the darkness.

But, remember to also look within, remember to look within.

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