• Shobhit Raj

In the Lap of Nature


The veil of busyness covers the light of stillness,

The illusion of productivity keeps us ever connected,

Access to information on fingertips and people all over,

Yet, we feel a disconnect from ourselves and the world.

Information keeps us entitled and offers perspective,

But, often becomes an addictive game we cannot forfeit,

We crave silence, but are hooked to sensory temptations,

The bodies are stagnant and minds constantly racing.

After all, it is a fleeting experience of novelty and validation,

Filling a void with achievements, relationships, technology,

We are intellectual and philosophical, but forget the truth,

Born into this world naked and crying, we leave a similar way.

The journey between birth and death can be a meaningful one,

But, we have to find a balance between the outer and inner world,

We must appreciate the beauty of life and magic in nature,

Connecting with nature is the only solace for the urban mind.

Nature heals the body, expands the heart, calms the mind,

It connects us to the essence of who we really are,

We are beyond the virtual masks and identities,

We are meant to be in harmony and connected to nature.

So, look up at the expansive sky, feel the earth below your feet,

Breathing fresh air in the morning, listen to the birds sing,

Fall in love again with the beauty of the subtleties,

This is the experiential way to connect with the divine.


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